Astro Aerospace Ltd. (ASDN) rewarding shareholders.

One Under-the-Radar Company – U.S.-Based Astro Aerospace Ltd. (ASDN) – Appears to Be Rewarding Shareholders.   Read below.

For those of you that missed our article about Astro published May 14th.. read it here when you have a chance.  For those of you that did and acted on it good on you as not only did it repeat last week’s performance of adding 30% gains… it added an additional 38% gain in share price the first three days of this week.

Those of you that participated in the rally…. congrats as we predict you haven’t seen anything yet!!  Those of you that have not yet looked into Astro don’t worry it’s not too late to get in on the growth.   It’s still a ground floor opportunity as they are only getting started and the market is slowly catching on.

Now for the even better news…

The current shares outstanding as per all of the public finance sites is 82,938,960.  see below.

However, while researching ASTRO SEC Filings we found a SEC Form 8-K/A that reveals something we can’t believe wasn’t picked up yet and surely will be soon.  As part of a share restructuring. the company is cancelling some 13 million shares and the new total will be 69,270,060.   This means an instant gain in 16.5% of enterprise value for existing shareholders.

The shares are being cancelled as part of the Passenger Drone asset acquisition and has the reverse effect of dilution as you the shareholder, in effect, end up own more of the company with each remaining share.

Not everyone knows this information as there are inefficiencies in market information dissemination and the price has been going up.  It will be updated shortly on all mainstream finance sites any day now and the share price will continue to climb.   It’s not too late to act on this by investing or adding to your already winning position even just to capture this extra advantage.

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Is Astro Aerospace Ltd. (ASDN) the next Tesla (TSLA)?

TESLA Inc. (TSLA) being the only fully electric car company has over $12 Billion in annual sales and has a market cap of $52 Billion.   Were you early enough to make an investment into Tesla when they were called pioneers?  An early investment yielded over 1,130 % return so far.

We decided to compare the graphs of Tesla (TSLA) shares performance with Astro Aerospace Ltd. (ASDN)   The chart below shows an interesting correlation with the very early days of (TSLA). To add some context, the Tesla IPO was priced at US$1.7 billion (with a “b”). The current market price of Astro Aerospace Ltd. (ASDN)  is less then 1/10th of that number. The current market cap of (TSLA) is about US$48 billion, and that is after a significant correction.

Astro Aerospace Ltd. (ASDNhas very promising technologies and a fully functional production ready eVTOL (electric Vertical Take Off and Landing) passenger drone, as we noted. It also looks like the company’s share price has been performing a Vertical Take Off (pun intended) as well.

We urge you to do your own homework as the brightest minds in technology and innovation have already spoken and the transportation revolution is not coming.   Its here!  

Amazon (AMZN), Uber and Mercedes Benz (DDAIF) have also taken steps to participate in the emerging Passenger Drone and air Taxi Market.

As a smart investor, the only pure equity play that has the potential for 1000% returns today is Astro Aerospace Ltd. (ASDN).  

Fully Autonomous Passenger Drone that can carry two passengers and fly for 25 mins at 45 mph.  No pilot required!!   Simply enter in the destination on the touch screen interface in the cockpit and buckle your seat belts.   This Flying Taxi will deliver you to your destination.   See the video bellow.   No CGI was used in the making of this video.

ASTRO can take off, land and perform all stages of flight maneuvering completely autonomously, guided securely via LTE (4G) network, or on board controlled. You can take over at any time via the Touch Flight Control or fly-by-wire joystick.

This vehicle can also be 100% remotely controlled by ASTRO’s Ground Control and Monitoring Center, allowing an operator located as far away as the EU or Asia to fly a North America-based aircraft safely and efficiently.

Astro Aerospace Ltd. (ASDN) needs to be on your watch list to ensure you don’t miss this opportunity.