Astro Takes Next Steps to Commercialization

U.S.-Based Astro Aerospace Ltd. (ASDN) – Did it again.   Don’t be surprised if the stock hits $5.00 in the next couple of weeks.   Read below for more details.

We have been following Astro for about a month now and are pleased to announce that they are making good on their promises.   The management team has struck a strategic partnership with Paterson Composites to help design and build components of the Astro Aerospace Passenger Drone.

They also welcome Rob Paterson, President and CEO of Paterson Composites as an advisor to the Design Team.   He will also bring a select group of industrial engineers to the team.

Paterson Composites are experts in making things go LIGHTER, FASTER, STRONGER.   Their designs are used by Aurora Flight Sciences (a Boeing Company), Carbon Marine and Synaptic Medical.  Their designs and components were used in the America’s Cup World Series Sailing catamarans that compete on the world stage.   They even helped the folks at Aerovelo develop the fastest human powered vehicle that reach land record setting speeds of over 89 mph.

We are super excited about this news as it shows us that Astro Aerospace Ltd. (ASDN) is taking the necessary steps for commercializing this product.   The enhanced design team plans on releasing a version 2 of the Astro Passenger Drone later this year with more range and features including an edgier design.   We will do our best to get a sneak peak and share it as soon as we can.

So what does this all mean?  In our opinion, the company is gearing up to take this product to market.   They want to improve on its current amazing breakthrough full size and functional prototype passenger drone by updating the designs, reducing the weight , increasing the range and payload capacity.   We also anticipate some new battery tech updates.

Going to market spells massive gains for investors as they will take an early lead in market share, revenues and presence.  Astro Aerospace Ltd. (ASDN) is one of the first to service this newly emerging multi billion dollar industry.  We estimate that they will be selling the units in the range of $100k depending on options.   If the sell 1,000 units in the first year thats $100 million in sales.   5,000 units will generate $500 million in revenue and so on and so on.  We anticipate 5,000-10,000 units in the first year once production begins in late 2018 or early 2019.

Remember when Google first came on the scene and transformed the Advertising industry? They reshaped the landscape and grew their revenues to $500 million in 2 years.  We anticipate Astro Aerospace Ltd. (ASDN) could easily match Google’s revenue growth trajectory as the Transportation Industry is substantially larger then Advertising and the purchase prices are substantially higher.

Google’s Ad Revenue in the first 6 years (in Billions of US Dollars)

For those of you that need more information or have yet to hear about Passenger Drones let us lay out the facts for you.   You then can do your own due diligence and decide when its time to join the select few on wall street that has learned of this opportunity.   We first brought you news about Astro Aerospace Ltd. (ASDN) when they just below $1 per share.  You may choose to get in at $2.15 (now) or, $3 or $5 or even $25 as this company is just getting started along with the massive industry that is laying the foundation for vertical mobility.

It’s still a ground floor opportunity with more corporate news about to break.  Alternatively, you can just choose to buy stock in Daimler (DDAIF) or Amazon (AMZNand hope that these industry advancements move the needle for these multinationals and ultimately your portfolio.

Astro Aerospace Ltd. (ASDN) is the only pure stock play that can earn you upwards of 1000% capital returns from the the shift to passenger drones and electric air mobility.

Who is Astro Aerospace Ltd. (ASDN)?

You may have read this article a while back on Robb Report where they were showcasing Passenger Drone as your next way to beat the traffic jams. also just did a feature that included Astro Aerospace Ltd. (ASDN) and their recent acquisition of this start up and technology hinting there are big things to come., and validate Astro as a contender in the new reality of electric powered personal drones and taxis.

Astro Aerospace Ltd. (ASDN) management team includes seasoned and industry leading management like Paul Beard, CEO of uAvionix.  uAvionix is a Leader in Drone Communications, Navigation, and Surveillance Systems backed by Airbus Ventures.

Astro has a Fully Autonomous Passenger Drone today when the competition is trailing behind.  Their vehicle can carry two passengers and fly for 25 mins at 45 mph.  No pilot required!!   Simply enter in the destination on the touch screen interface in the cockpit and buckle your seat belts.   This Flying Taxi will deliver you to your destination.   See the video bellow.   No CGI was used in the making of this video.

ASTRO can take off, land and perform all stages of flight maneuvering completely autonomously, guided securely via LTE (4G) network, or on board controlled. You can take over at any time via the Touch Flight Control or fly-by-wire joystick.

This vehicle can also be 100% remotely controlled by ASTRO’s Ground Control and Monitoring Center, allowing an operator located as far away as the EU or Asia to fly a North America-based aircraft safely and efficiently.

Future vertices that will allow Astro to fully realize its potential:

What is this transportation revolution and why should you care?

Large companies have been investing millions of dollars to make personal electric aircrafts a reality for us all as our roads have gotten more and more congested.   The challenge has been that current gas powered helicopters and personal airplanes have been too expensive to own and operate for the mass personal usage market and as such been reserved for the super rich or corporate users.

Electric Drone technology has developed to a point where it is safe and reliable and is being used anywhere from personal (hobbyists) to surveying (corporate and industrial) to even Amazon (AMZN) testing delivery of your next order.   UBER (not public yet) has also made a huge bet on the future of electric vehicles commuting their passengers around in much the same way it uses cars today.   UBER Elevate has already had two conferences where they share their view of the not to distant future.   They claim that electric passenger drones will be able to shuttle passengers by 2020 and save people millions of commuting hours per year at prices low enough to rival car transportation.

We agree…  Read their full plans here.

Also UBER is not planning on making their own vehicles.   They are going to rely on others to develop and bring this to market.  Astro is far ahead of its competition by having a ready to market, fully functional production ready Autonomous 2 passenger electric drone today.

All of this points to a several hundred billion dollar industries that are just around the corner.  Porsche Consulting released their latest findings in a paper named “The Future of Vertical Mobility” where they confirm that passenger drones will be in production and mass adoption in the near future.

Is Astro Aerospace Ltd. (ASDN) the next Tesla (TSLA)?

TESLA Inc. (TSLA) being the only fully electric car company has over $12 Billion in annual sales and has a market cap of $52 Billion.   Were you early enough to make an investment into Tesla when they were called pioneers?  An early investment yielded over 1,130 % return so far.

We decided to compare the graphs of Tesla (TSLA) shares performance with Astro Aerospace Ltd. (ASDN)   The chart below shows an interesting correlation with the very early days of (TSLA). To add some context, the Tesla IPO was priced at US$1.7 billion (with a “b”). The current market price of Astro Aerospace Ltd. (ASDN)  is less then 1/10th of that number. The current market cap of (TSLA) is about US$48 billion, and that is after a significant correction.

Astro Aerospace Ltd. (ASDN) needs to be on your watch list to ensure you don’t miss this opportunity.